Grassroots Management

C2C provides strategic planning, access, alliances, marketing as well as “grasstops” and “grassroots” communications on behalf of clients who are trying to get things done.

We use a “campaign-style” approach to help develop long-term, sustainable efforts that depend on strategic relationships between community leaders, businesses and opinion leaders at all levels of State and Federal government.

We incorporate the latest software and technology to effectively identify influencers in a community, corporation or association for public affairs and communications. We provide an objective and quantitative analysis of an organization’s human assets. We identify, assess and measure a stakeholders political capital and put a plan in place to effectively engage on behalf of an organization or cause.

We design a program of targeted engagement designed to assist lobbyist and govern-ment or community efforts to affect public policy.

Our approach is based on the proven campaign and common sense concept

People + Relationships + Communication = Success

We not only help with strategic advice but put together a team of professionals to ad-dress the clients concerns and needs.